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The following are a few of my past projects captured on video.  Scroll down to view my gallery section.


Connected Gear Locking Device

Through the use of integrated technologies and basic locking devices we were able to create a seamless solution which offers a heightened sense of confidence for people wishing to protect their valuable equipment.  GoLock offers the security of home to products you use outdoors and on the go. 


Hybrid Duffle / Backpack

As an industrial designer, I have been fortunate to do a lot of international traveling, for visits to over-seas factories.  During these travels, I was always bothered by the need to carry 2 bags on an aircraft.  I created the Sherpa to merge the best qualities of a backpack and a duffle, so that travelers had a better option if they wished to only carry 1 bag.


Premium Cooler Light

To broaden the market of premium cooler customers, and to assist in a fundamental design functional flaw (a user can only see the contents of their cooler during the day), I was hired to envision the functionality and design of a new LED light for use inside coolers.  The following is a video explaining that product.


Truck Conversion for Jeep Wrangler

While working for American Expedition Vehicles, I helped to conceive of and style this vehicle.  The truck eventually went on to influence Jeep's plans for the 2018 Scrambler pickup truck.


University Sustainability Program

In 2010 I was hired by The University of The South to creatively re-focus the community towards 'sustainability'.  To do this, I created a singular identity, called "sustain sewanee" where students, faculty, and community members could get involved. From this, many secondary programs and initiatives began to grow.  This video was part of a series of "brand building" exercises designed to grow awareness in the community.


Vehicle Efficiency Project

During my time as Sewanee's Director of Sustainability, I was fortunate to have served as advisor and project manager for this, interesting, initiative.  A group of students were interested in seeing how efficient we could make a "clunker" (on a limited budget).  With a budget of $1500, we were able to make significant changes to the efficiency of this vehicle.


The following is a sampling of some of my past projects captured in photos.


Hunting Lifestyle Backpacks

Dicks Sporting Goods hired me to conceive of and sample a new line of hunting lifestyle backpacks.  The idea here was to create bags that could be used for hunting, but could also be worn every day, for the hunting enthusiast.

Waterproof Bag Series


After spending the past two years, or so, developing waterproof / leakproof coolers, for clients, I decided to apply what I learned in "weld" construction to a line of traditional bags.  I developed a backpack, sling, and hip pack which are 100% waterproof.  


Premium Cooler Light

Cooler Extras hired me to to create a light which could be easily mounted inside a cooler. By merging a utilitarian design with modern technologies I was able to create a solution which provides light in a functional, durable, and attractive product.


for JK Wrangler Vechicles

At AEV, I worked with a team of engineers and designers to create the first "plug and play" V8 conversion for the, underpowered, Jeep JK platform.  We offered both a 5.7L and 6.1L versions.


for JK Wrangler Vehicles

To follow up AEV's successful front bumper design, I created a rear bumper which integrated HD backup lights, corner guards, 2" receive, and tow anchors using .25" steel plate.


for JK Wrangler Vehicles

AEV is known for their functional but attractive wheel designs. To continue this tradition, I helped to create the next generation of AEV wheels.


High Efficiency Washer / Dryer

I was hired by Whirlpool, to conceive of the next generation of fabric care devices.  I created Bubble as a stand-alone (daily wash) washer/dryer that also doubles as a laundry hamper.  The device is part of a subscription-based service that incentivizes others in the community to use less water / detergent.


Design upgrade for server carrier

I was hired by Dell Computers to conceive of the next generation of hard drive carriers.  The form of the 1.8 hard drive carrier was inspired by Leatherman and other multi tool products which sandwich layers of metal together for a utilitarian look / function. This form went on to inspire the entire design language for Dell's server family.


High Capacity Hybrid Duffle

To expand Ful's product offering into a more premium category, I created the Pod hybrid duffle.  This rolling piece features triple front organization pockets as well as three levels of compartment organization.  This solution proved successful and allowed Ful to begin receiving major orders from Costco.


Stackable Cooler System

In February of 2012, I designed this stackable, hybrid construction, cooler system to help Ful enter into the soft cooler category.  A premium cooler market was growing, and I felt that there was an opportunity to create a hybrid (hard and soft) rolling system to blend the best of both worlds.


Heavy Duty Handle System

To replace the cheap, generic handle systems that many backpack companies use, I created the grip handle system that offers more comfortable feel and stronger capabilities.


RC Rubber Band Vehicle

In 2007 I competed in Art Center's "formula-e" racing competition, which challenges designers to create a rubber band driven RC vehicle and then race it against other compeditors.  My vehicle  went onto win first place in the competition.


Solar Powered Tea Brewing System

Lupicia Tea Co. was looking for a way to break into the American tea market with a unique product.  I used the angle of southern sweet tea to create a product that integrated a solar clock and a fresnel lense to speed up the process,  but also recognize the more ceremonial aspects of tea brewing.


Hydration Backpack

To help Ful enter into the hydration bag category, I created this bag.  Mallard features a unique, double zipper main opening with unique body shape and waterproof rain fly cover. 


Classic Canvas Duffle

To help Field and Stream come to market with a classic canvas duffle,  I created this bag out of all natural materials.  This bag was popular enough to inspire an entire line of canvas products which are now available in stores. 


Cargo Backpack

For Target "Back to school" season 2016 I created Juggernaut as an all encompassing cargo backpack.  This bag includes storage for a laptop, tablet, clothing, sunglasses, headphones, charging cables, paper files, as well as organization for many smaller items.


Urban Backpack

This backpack has been selling at Target for the past 5 years.  Each season I refresh the bag, but have maintained the same original design.  It continues to be my  best seller for the Bondka brand.  You can buy the bag here at


Roll Top Backpack

New this season is the Jigsaw backpack.  I created this bag to offer the all the features of a "back to school"  bag with a more  traditional (roll top) construction.  You can buy the bag here at


Minimalist Backpack

I created this bag as an exercises in ultra simplicity.  Target, fortunately, liked the concept and purchased the bag.  You can buy it now on here.


Sport Backpack

Recently I was given the opportunity to design bags under the Champion "C9" brand.  The Jumpoff was my first bag of this series for  Buy it here.


59 Cadillac Restoration

Over the course of 2 years, between 2004 and 2006, I spent nights and weekends restoring this vehicle. To do this, I used parts from a donor vehicle and merged it with the last remaining version of the car.  Video above details where it its today.


Jeep Wrangler Truck Conversion

During my time as a designer for AEV, I had the opportunity to do a lot of 'hands on' vehicle builds.  This is one such vehicle we built for the SEMA show in Vegas in 2008.


Flashlight by Brinkmann

To help Brinkmann break into the flashlight market, I worked to create a device which doubles as a flashlight and a lantern.  My idea was to create a small, hand held flashlight who's front portion moved forward and back, allowing light to be projected forward or in 360 degrees.  The following are 2 of these concepts.


Premium iPhone Case

After the release of iPhone 4, I helped Otterbox to envision the next generation of cell phone cases.  As a compliment to this premium electronic device, I created a high performance case which was waterproof, shockproof, and machined from aluminum.


Automotive Restoration

In 1959, seven "commercial  chassis" Cadillacs were converted into glass top limousines for tours to the top of Pikes Peak from the Broadmoor hotel.  In 2004, I began restoration of this vehicle (using the last remaining vehicle) as a parts car.  In 2006 this car won 2 best of show awards.  The vehicle is now part of the Klairmont collection in Chicago.  Details of the restoration are shown below in my gallery section.

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