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A little about me


I am very fortunate in my career to have worked on a wide variety of diverse projects. I have had my hands on everything from homes to cars to backpacks to tea pots. From an early age, I worked alongside my father on construction sites and I remember thinking how great it was to be creating something new for someone.

I am passionate about creativity and problem solving. Working hands-on across diverse creative
industries has given me an acute ability to think “outside the box” to solve problems successfully and to help others. Making successful product is primarily about satisfied customers. People want the products they purchase to perform well, to meet the need, and to improve their lives. The better the product, the more positive my influence on others. I define my job as finding ways to help people simplify, organize, prepare and better engage with the world around them.

Raymond Loewy once said that "Good design keeps the user happy, the manufacturer in the black, and the aesthete un-offended."   In my daily work, I try to remember that the most important goal of good design is the satisfaction of the person who buys it.

-Rocco Calandruccio

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