• Brinkmann Lighthouse

    Flashlight / Lantern created for Brinkmann’s new flashlight series.  This device (unlike round flashlights) is designed to ‘stay put’ no matter where it rests.  By simply sliding the lens forward or backward, it transforms the light from a beam to ‘lighthouse’ style panoramic coverage.

  • Grip

    Custom handle system designed to replace a generic handle used by multiple backpack companies. This design uses less material while offering a larger surface area for grip and opportunities for material, webbing, color, and branding combinations.

  • Chrysalis

    Ultra thin, water and shock resistant i-phone 4 case designed to expand Otterbox’s market share into the premium phone case category.

  • Brute Double-Cab

    Stretching Wranglers is what AEV does best.  To continue the heritage of Jeep trucks, I helped to conceive the next generation of Wrangler trucks.  AEV just completed the engineering to make this vehicle available for sale.